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Valentine Blessing Feb 3, 2013: Did you have family traditions or celebrations involving Blessings?

February 03, 2013

Max pillow perfect 300x200When I was very young, I thought Blessings only revolved around my faith and it was the clergy’s job to Bless.  I’d bow my head and receive a Blessing.  I loved to be in a church service when a new baby was blessed.  I could tap into this incredible feeling of wonder and joy.  Many times I could not express my feelings when a Blessing was given.

Another childhood memory is my Dad saying grace before dinner.  It always felt special to take that moment, put our hands together and bow our heads.  Our family now seems to only bless their meal at a family gathering.   A funny remembrance around blessings was my maternal Grandmother saying Gesundheit when we sneezed.  At the time we had no idea it meant “bless you” and we certainly didn’t know how to spell the word.

As a child, when someone said “bless you”, or “bless your heart” to me, I felt like I was special and that I was good.  It all seemed to revolve around our faith.  Of course, all bets were off, when we ran out the door to play.

Did you have family traditions or celebrations involving Blessings?

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  1. Julie Piepho says:

    Blessings in our family was that we could share every Thanksgiving and Christmas together. My Mom and Dad were only children, my paternal grandparents lived next door to us on the farm, and my maternal grandparents lived 50 miles away. We ensured that we celebrated no matter whose house we were in – and they were all small!!!

    • Cheryl Rennels says:

      Sometimes, smaller is better because the Blessing is always big.

      • Kerrie Anderson says:

        Blessings were always said at mealtime, but also extra ones at holiday time. Now I love to give and receive blessings anytime. I think they are important and necessary for well being and that we are called to share them with people we love, with people we meet who may be in need, or just because. I think blessings make this world go around a lot better and they don’t have to big.

  2. I always love having Thanksgiving dinner at my cousin’s house near Denver. No matter how large or small the gathering, everyone shares in counting their blessings before the meal begins. Everyone, no matter how upside down his life may be at the moment, finds something to be thankful for.

  3. Kelly Baugh says:

    My husband worked overseas as humanitarian aid workers/missionaries for 5 years. We’d come home to visit our families about once a year and always, before we returned to Kosovo, our pastor would pray a blessing over us. His words were such a huge comfort, a lifeline during times of doubt, loneliness or fear, always popping into my mind when I most needed to remember them.

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