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    • Pink Gift baskets
    • I show horses and exactly this time last year, 2 of my horse show friends, were diagnosed with breast cancer, each had a different type but heart breaking to all of us who showed with them.
      I purchased a pink handmade basket to take to our Oct. show for everyone to add there gift items, blessings or whatever moved them about that person. The basket runneth over and so did my friends heart. She cherished those memories of love and said it helped her through her treatments.
      I'm happy to say both women are in recovery and doing well. xo

    • Lee Ann
    • Versatile Heart Charms
    • My sterling heart charm is so versatile. I bought two for earrings because I wear them every day. Sometimes I wear one Blessing as a necklace and put the other on my key chain. I’m reminded every hour of every day of my Blessings

    • Charmed Blessings
    • Heart Charms
    • I love the concept of BYH! I purchased 13 charms to give to family and friends to “pass it on.” I have discovered that passing on a blessing to people i meet has an amazing effect! Realizing that we are all connected and that your are never alone has had an amazing impact on my life. Everyone I have given the BYH charms has been touched! Thank you Cheryl for creating such a creative and moving piece of art and love. BYH and love,

    • Christy
    • Young Attitude
    • The first delivery of 300, fifty pound bales of hay was being made by a father, his 16 year son and two friends. Upon returning home I checked the job and the stacked hay was potentially dangerous. I had the owner contact the man to make sure the second load was stacked correctly. The next day I met them at the barn and showed the son the problem with hay. I heard his grumbling when I left the barn. As I walked I remembered to send a Blessing to this teenager in appreciation of his work. I returned to the barn 20 minutes later with twelve, 45 # Total Equine supplement blocks to stack. The atmosphere in the barn was totally different. To my surprise the young man met me at the pickup door with smile, offering to help unload. No attitude at all.

    • Sandy
    • Heart Charms
    • I love my blessing charms for me and my 2 animals. For me, it reminds me to give blessings each time I interact with people and especially at my hospital job, where my blessing heart is close to my stethoscope! For my animals, I feel it keeps them safe and peaceful.

    • Lee Ann
    • Heart Cap
    • I got a blessing cap for Christmas…..Now I will be blessed from head to toe! happy 2013 to everyone and be blessed all year long!

    • Blessed Day
    • I recently visited a friend from High School that I have not seen for over 35 years. We set out for horse shopping early Sunday morning, as we were driving we decided to bless our day and ask God’s guidance for the day. When we headed home without a plan, my friend received a phone call from a famous person in the horse world inviting us to her ranch for a party. We just looked at each other and knew that God guided us there and we had an amazing experience!

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