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The Well-Spring™ is a proprietary synergistic composition of
sound, crystals, laser light and scalar waves creating patterns and frequencies of harmony.


Well-Spring™ Cloth
Enjoy the softness of this cloth against your skin as you realize the benefit of the Well-Spring™ vibration. Relieve and heal imbalances caused by pain, trauma, infection, stress, digestion, insomnia and emotion disturbances. Create overall balance.
“The longer I use the Well-Spring™ Cloth on my shoulder, the better it feels”.
“I was feeling very off, all weekend. I placed the Well-Spring™ Cloth on my heart and in a short time, I was feeling back to normal.”
“Pain relief caused by plantar fasciitis”

Well-Spring™ for Water
Testimonials from the 2014 Water Study participants
*I love this water! In the beginning it was like a new romance: exciting, high energy, anticipation, and even some butterflies.
*I’ve been sleeping well and longer *Energy level, I would say more lively; surge of energy like a cup of coffee
*Good mental acuity, ADD is a challenge for me. My mental clarity did improve; I am intuitive
*Odd skin problem that spread like a virus has almost cleared up
*Pain Relief *Moist skin *Digestive track healthier
*Reiki energy in my hands is more vibrant
*Eyes – do not need glasses when I drive at night and it seems to be happening during the day also
*Cleaning contractor: my eyes, sinuses and hands cleared up and my headache went away
*Immediately my sinus congestion went away, and the dizziness abated
*It has been a wonderful help to elevate my mood and extra energy is always good
*A chronic cough from allergies has all but disappeared”
Well-Spring™ for Water may also be placed directly on the skin for relief of any discomfort.

Imprint your own water by setting it on the Well-Spring™.  Imprint 8 oz. in 10 minutes or a gallon in 50 minutes.
Place the Well-Spring™ against the body for areas where you are experiencing disharmony.  Place on your chest for emotional harmony.
Don’t forget your animals.

Well-Spring™    4 inch        $20.00

Well-Spring™    6 inch     $35.00

Well-Spring™ Cloth   3 inch        $15.00

Complementary Care
The information and education provided is not for medical or veterinary diagnosis or treatment. No medical claims are made or implied. Results may vary. Please seek the advice of a medical or veterinary professional.

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