Heart or B, which is it?

I’ve been asked many times, “Is that a heart or a B?”  And the correct answer . . . it is both.  The brand represents Blessings and what comes from our hearts to our hearts.  When I was working on the trade mark research, I thought I would find many designs like the one I wanted.  I discovered none.  Thus I was granted the registered trademark for clothing, jewelry, housewares, and paper products.  Every time I look at the Bless Your Heart brand, I do remember to come from my heart and send a Blessing.  Not like the Southern tongue in cheek remark but truly opening my heart and send a Blessing.

During the day when times are stressed or I see someone that may be having a difficult time, I reach up and touch my Bless Your Heart necklace and remember what to feel and where to go with my thoughts.  No expectation, judgment or attitude.  I simply Bless and leave the rest.  It is very difficult to do and that’s why these simple reminders were created.  We have a choice as to what we think and feel.  I say, conscious and accounted for.  Now that’s a powerful place to go.


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