Captain Cuddly Pants, the Cat

I’m often asked what animals feel when we bless them.  The closest feeling or emotion they have to a blessing, is allowing.  Think about it.  When we bless, when we open our hearts, we allow those feelings to be sent forth.  There is no agenda or judgment around the outcome.  Many times our human “doing” gets in the way and the animal feels this as pushy and forceful.  We think we have to keep doing something until the situation changes.  We are human beings but we really like being human doings.  When we come from our hearts and bless, this very powerful state allows the animal to choose a path in their own time.  We are supporting them, not pushing them.

My friend had the following to say about her experience:  “I read and was inspired to send blessings to the menagerie of animals that live in my neighborhood. When I see you I will tell you about the cat that has become part of our family.  Our two dogs did not take kindly to his presence, but dramatically changed their ways after I blessed them daily while envisioning each of them with the cat.  “Captain Cuddly Pants” now enjoys leisurely afternoons napping with them and eating/drinking from the same bowl. Now I have to send the same blessing to my husband. :)”  BH  Nebraska

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