X’s and O’s

We have all used or at least recognize “xxxooo”, the universal symbol for kisses and hugs.  One of the abbrevs we created is “Blessxxoo”.  Read more about abbrevs;  http://www.weblessyourheart.com/2013/04/10/implicity/.  So many times we sign a card with X’s and O’s when we are not quite sure of writing that convoluted word “love”.  It’s also a fun way to signal your friendship and kind feelings.  I’ve taught my grandchildren to write X’s and O’x before they could write their name.  They would write an X and then I’d give them a smooch, same with the O’s and hugs.  Lots of giggles would ensue.

In the Bless Your Heart paper product line, I’ve created a note card collection of abbrevs.  Here they are:  Blessbling, Blessbliss, Blessicious, Blessisimo, Blesson, Blessup, Blesswishes and Blessxxoo.  You will also find these abbrevs in the Bless Your Heart book, Blesson.

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