Zest, zone, zeal and zebras

Zebra 250x188What do zebras have in common with zest or zeal?  This little guy was being shipped from California to California along with one of my American Quarter Horses.  The red fabric is his blankie.  There were 4 other zebras in the trailer and they were all ready to bolt because they had so much zest and zeal!  Zebras look like a horse but they will always have that wild animal instinct to bolt, even after some training.  Cute nonetheless.  I’ll post additional photos of the zebras on www.facebook.com/weblessyourheart

So have a little zest and zeal and remember to get into the Blessing zone.  One of the synonyms for “zeal” is “passion” and that’s what I have for Bless Your Heart.  Just because the concept and the logo are simple doesn’t mean there is no substance to the message. Albert Einstein said, “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.”  I agree so get out there and bless; out loud or in your mind.

Keep a reminder near you in the most frequented places so you remember.  I’d like it to be a simple reminder from Bless Your Heart, but if not, keep your favorite pen as a reminder.  Put something on your cell phone, like a heart.  Just remember when you see it, to stop and go to your place of peace.  Not easy when you are using your cell.  That is anything but peaceful.

The A-Z Challenge was more fun than I thought it would be.  I had fun visiting the other blogs and enjoyed reading about new concepts.  Our world is so blessed with very creative and talented people.

Thank you for putting forth your feelings and thoughts and connecting with me.  Blesson.

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