Bless the Unexpected

FinchLizardJuly2011 480x457imprintI go about most weekdays attempting to cross things off my to-do list and on the weekends, I plan for activities that are relaxing.  Before each day gets started and before the light ends, I like to look out the window.  I take my time scanning the horizon, the sky and the livestock.  I allow my eyes to take it all in  knowing that unconsciously my eyes will pick up on anything that is out of place.  I pay attention when I see or feel something is not “right”.  

Early Saturday morning, I was watching the horizon and I saw a car slow down on the country road about a mile away.  I thought the passengers were admiring the new mares and foals in their summer pasture.  I turned and looked a different direction and then I heard cattle bellowing.  I knew the neighbor’s cattle were a couple of miles away and I should not have been able to hear them.  So, something was out of place.  I scanned the horizon again . . . and what I originally thought was the horses were actually cattle walking down the county road.  The cows and calves definitely not where they belonged.  I called the neighbor and they were moved back to their pasture.  Because I paid attention to something out of place and unexpected the cattle were kept out of harm’s way. 

In the case of the photo attached to this blog, the camera was focused on the goldfinch.  The morning sun was highlighting the contrast between the yellow and black feathers, which is always a joy to see.  When the image was being cropped I noticed another being in the frame.  Crawling up the side of the concrete was a lizard.  It was sticking it head up into the morning sun and the camera captured its presence.  If I just slow down and pay attention, I find many blessings in the unexpected. 

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