Super Moon

Super Moon A 400x267Yesterday a friend reminded me that I had not posted or been on Facebook for a few days.  Summer is so busy that yes, I have been distracted by family, friends, and animal recreation and care.  The photo I’m including with this post was taken last Saturday night.  In the image is the super moon and the beautiful phoebe.  The super moon illuminated the sky and the entire house, all night long.  We watched it come up over the eastern horizon and set in the southwest the next am.  Amazing.

 The phoebe bird is correctly called Say’s Phoebe.  They have a wonderful song or songs.  One lyrical song is a drawn out fee     bee, like their names sounds.  They also have a shortened cry or warning if I am too close to their nest.  They have two nests outside by office and it is really tricky to go out and water my plants without hearing a distress call.  Phoebe’s also have this beautiful trilling sound.  I think they make this when the nest is built and there are eggs.  Now they are feeding the baby birds insects so their mouths are too full of bugs to trill.  Regardless, now as I sit in my office, I can see them swoop and dip around as they are bringing food for the young.  They will be leaving the nest in another week or so and I will miss them.

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