Trust your Heart


That little voice in our head can be so persistent when we are coming to a decision.  If we are in our head, we will feel anticipation, expectation, fear and ego, judgment and so on.  We are normally in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.  All the emotions rattle around as we try to justify and make logical sense of our choice. It’s easy to be mental and go with the head games.  They are very convincing.

However, our heart has a voice also.  I like to get still and peaceful.  Then I actually connect with my heart and have a conversation.  I focus on my different choices and with each, I connect to the feeling in my heart. Most often the feeling is immediate and presents itself physically.  The hardest part of this process is not choosing the feeling, the feel good.  That’s a slam dunk.  The most difficult is trusting myself and what my heart has shown me.  If I go with the feeling, then I know which decision I must make.  The heart can be very convincing and as a bonus, inspiring.   

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