Sunsets: Unique Volume 3 of 10


March 4, 2014, the author of a blog I follow had an interesting perspective on what he has learned from sunsets. See post

 “Even if we are identical twins standing next to each other, we will not be looking at the same sunset. Your entire life, even the way the breeze shakes your shirt and not your twin’s, every single experience you have ever had, adds towards an increasingly complex experience that cannot be the same as anyone else’s.”  We may be both holding the same camera and yet the shots will turn out just a little differently.  Ah, the eye of the beholder. 

The most unique aspect of our experiences is how we feel about them.  We will have an immediate sensation and then we will feel more on other and/or deeper levels.  How you feel about the sunset and every experience in your life is unique.  Own it.

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