Anasazi Horses

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I found this wonderful sterling silver charm on the Santa Fe Plaza.  Geraldine Garcia of the San Felipe Pueblo creates charms and earrings with Anasazi art.  Her business is called Heart of Anasazi and I chose the charm of the horses.  The Anasazi believed they signify perseverance, strength and nature.

My horses are close to my heart.  What a better way to represent this than to wear this charm with my Bless Your Heart® pendant.  When I put the necklace on in the morning, I feel very connected.  They are a blessing in my life.

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  1. Hello – I bought a couple of charms from Geraldine Garcia a long time ago (about 15 yrs ago, maybe more) at the Santa Fe Plaza. However, a couple years back our house was robbed and these charms were included in the theft. I am trying to find a website or contact information for Geraldine. Do you have any such information?

    Thank You

    • Hi. I bought a necklace a few years ago and still have a card. Lost the necklace so I was just pulling it out to see how to contact them to get a new one. Here’s the contact information I have:
      Geraldine A Garcia
      Po box 807
      Algodones, NM. 87001
      505-867-5797 / 4959

    • Her business card reads:

      Heart of the Anasazi
      Geraldine A. Garcia
      San Felipe Pueblo

      P.O. Box 807
      Algodones, NM 87001


    • Geraldine Garcia’s contact information is 505-238-4999 cell, 505-867-4959 home, PO Box 875 Algodones NM, 87001. Her work is copy righted and is sold only by her directly. Be careful about frauds.

  2. I bought earrings for myself and my mom several years ago from Geraldine. A few years ago I was back on the Plaza and saw Geraldine and bought replacements for a lost earring. She had just returned from an illness and we talked at length. Our conversation ended with a purchase and a hug. I have a soft spot in my heart for her. Now i’ve Lost another earring. I hope I see her next time I am through Santa Fe! If she would sell online, she would make a lot of money. But maybe she likes it this way.

  3. Geraldine takes great pride in her work and takes great care with protecting what is precious to her, therefore she only sells it herself directly.

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