Blessings and Gratitude

I believe blessings and gratitude are the same thing, that is my intention.  I know the unseen power of a blessing and giving thanks as it has been know for centuries.  For the doubters, there is a little proof in Head Strong, by David Asprey.  “A sense of gratitude is the opposite of a sense of anxiety.  Just being thankful for a little thing can shift your whole body’s state from making enough energy to fight and run away or just get some good right now.  It can shift it into ‘it’s all good’.  All of the energy that went into getting ready to fight goes into repairing, restoring and renewing.

Gratitude sends a signal all the way down to your mitochondria [energy packets of the cell].  We can measure this.  I run the world’s highest end brain training facility for CEOs.  It’s a five-day program with electrodes glued all over your head called 40 Years of Zen.  We start with gratitude.  You can see what gratitude does to your brainwaves.  You’re literally extending the brain’s capacity to feel gratitude, or to do math, or to do whatever you want to do, just by charging the mitochondria.  I do a gratitude practice with my kids every night for the same reason.”

I view the mitochondria’s role as energy packets and as the emotional immune system and it’s fueled and restored by gratitude and blessings.   Very ancient and very powerful.

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