Blessing Mug

MugThis summer I received an order for 20 Bless Your Heart® mugs. When I delivered the mugs, the lady (I’ll call her Sophie) told me she had terminal cancer. Sophie was from Texas and was very fond of saying “Bless your heart” to those she loved and cared for.
Last week I received another order from her for 10 more mugs. Sophie said, she just keeps thinking of more friends and family she would like to gift a mug to. I asked her what this gift meant to her and she said,

“Thank you so much for providing this lovely mug. I am giving these to all my dear friends who enjoy my country expression “Bless Your Heart”. This can be a remembrance to them of our loving friendship.”

The intention of Bless Your Heart® is that all parties are coming from their heart when they send blessings. They are giving and receiving kindness and in this case fond memories.
My intention is not the sadness you might feel but the beauty of what a simple gift can mean. All of Sophie’s friends and family will think of her every time they pick up the Bless Your Heart® mug.
Please send in your heartfelt blessing stories. From my heart to yours.

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