About the Founder

I’m Cheryl Rennels. I created the Bless Your Heart® Collection to bring the everyday, ordinary extension of a heartfelt blessing into our lives.  Bless Your Heart® is the simple reminder of the power of this expression of kindness. Simply bless and open your heart to those around you.

I am like you.  I am a creator expressing myself in many endeavors:  family, ranching, publishing, wellness, animals, business and real estate.  My life has its ups and downs.  I’ve found there is a shift, allowing positive energy, if I surround these times with the uplifting thought of someone or thing that touches my heart.  Please enjoy and visit our Inspirations page should you have a creative photo or inspiring words to share.

I am inspired by these blessings in my life.  They all touch my heart.  Click on the photo to read my story



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