Go For It

I’ve never been above a red tail hawk as it soured through the sky or any other hawk, for that matter.  To look down on its back, wings and tail was inspirational.  I would love to be able to sour through the sky.  I was blessed as I watched her glide effortlessly.  This morning we were riding on the prairie and heard sounds I’ve never heard before.  As we all looked around and then up, two mature golden eagles were diving through the sky, talons hooked.  They landed on the ground and then took off in pursuit.  We then notice a third golden above and it began diving toward the other two.  They all looked to be the same size or age as they locked talons a couple of more times with the third golden in the mix.  I never have and probably never will see this again.

I’ve watched the birds of prey as when they move in on their target.  They don’t hesitate, doubt or shy away.  They go for it.  As humans we are filled with so many questions as we start something new or question the old.  Would of, should of, could of . . . not positive energy needed to approach a new venture.  I’m looking at this website and what’s been created as a new way of offering inspiring words of encouragement.  I’m surrounding the doubt and fear with Blessings.

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